Green Travel News Round Up: Mass Transit Going High Tech, City Bikes in NY, Green Business Travel and Residents Organize a Green Week

New York, already one of the greenest cities due to its very high use of mass transit, is working even harder to bring the 100 year old system into the 21st century. Monday it unveiled the”on The Go” travel station. It amounts to a giant touch display which provides riders and visitors real-time information on delays, service changes, construction and escalator status. This is a great step forward to streamline and reduce frustration in New York riders, especially those visiting the city and lacking the full grasp of the system. A cool feature is that the system allows users to look at what is around their location. Feeling hungry? It can even recommend a place for a bite or a fancy dinner. Great idea read here.

While you’re already planning a New York trip look out for the bike program that was approved this week. The public bike system is already a big hit in many cities around the world and was rolled out in the northern neighbor Boston this summer to great reviews. New york plans to have more than 10,000 bikes available at more than 600 solar powered stations around the city. They will be available around the clock making those late night trips home that much better. Article here.

Great article on how business travelers can be green travelers. Though it currently requires some research and effort on the part of the traveler, there are great ways to be green when you’re on the clock. Before booking a hotel, if you have the option, ask or get your travel agent to research the sustainability and environmental policies of the destination. Those that have taken proper steps will have it freely available as many of the big chains are now implementing broad environmental programs. Another great idea put into use by some travel managers are impact calculators to help travelers think about their trip not only in dollar costs, but in environmental affects as well.  For the full article and more great ideas find it here.

One man decides to listen to his grandkids and trade the SUV for a bus. Good article out of our northern neighbors in Canada where one man who like most of North America lives in the suburbs and drives in the comfort and liberty of his car to work and back. After some tough questions from his grandkids he finally considered the impact of driving alone in a large SUV and on this morning stood patiently waiting for the bus. He has organized a week in his neighborhood where people are challenged to reduce their emissions and environmental impact. To give them a bit extra motivation there are treasure hunts and chances to win prizes by actively participating. Great idea, read here.



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